Banks Returning to CRE Lending via Multifamily, Owner-Occupied Properties

By Mark Heschmeyer
It’s not a big hook to hang a hat on, but the small increase in some commercial real estate loan balances on bank books at the end of the year serves as yet another indication of thawing lending markets for property investors. Overall loan balances on bank books posted their largest real growth in four years, according to year-end numbers released this past week by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC).

Courtesy of Lee Whistler, Realtor for Century 21 M&M Clovis

Developers Turning To Adaptive Reuse; Eye Excess U.S. Property

By Randyl Drummer
What’s a developer to do? With development financing still very tough to come by and construction levels at all-time lows, many are turning to redevelopment, adaptive reuse and jump-starting stalled projects ahead of an expected broader recovery as a potentially less expensive and more lucrative alternative to ground-up development.

Courtesy of Lee Whistler, Realtor for Century 21 M&M Clovis

Social Media in CRE No Longer Just for Socializing

With An Audience of a Billion, CRE Industry Adopting Social Networks for Business Outreach
By Mark Heschmeyer
February 22, 2012

Commercial real estate brokers and companies are slowly shrugging off their aversions to social media platforms and are engaging more frequently in online marketing, information gathering and client building.

While late to the social networking scene and still in a fledgling state of using websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, many in the CRE industry have started trying to harness their reach in hopes that one day it will lead to deals and dollars. At the same time, many others still refuse to join the fold and flat out state they will resist until they’re the last ones online.

“Clearly social media is still a divisive issue in commercial real estate – the difference in sentiment between enthusiastic adopters and major detractors parallels the sentiments in other industries driven by client relations, such as nonprofits and law firms,” said Angela Brown, external communications manager for Co Star Group. “What is interesting in the similarities is the fact that many of the perceived challenges involved with social media are not insurmountable – platform selection, time management and measuring ROI are actually relatively simple with a bit of education and practice.”

“I also think there is a misperception out there that social media is a magic wand that is meant to replace traditional relationships. It doesn’t work that way,” Brown said. “It should be seen as an inroad to establishing new online relationships and as a bridge to building offline relationships.”

Courtesy of Lee Whistler, Realtor for Century 21 M&M Clovis

Landlords Poised to Regain Upper Hand In Recovering Office Market

By Randyl Drummer

Office space absorption doubled during 2011 as the office-using job base expanded and vacancies declined across nearly two-thirds of U.S. submarkets, CoStar Group reported this week in its Year-End 2011 Office Review & Outlook. The report presented to CoStar clients found that positive momentum in office fundamentals and the continued absence of new construction is expected to result in higher rents for building owners over the next few years. Office sales increased steadily.

Courtesy of Lee Whistler, Realtor for Century 21 M&M Clovis

CRE Price Index Rises for Seventh Consecutive Month

By Randyl Drummer

The CoStar National Composite Index of commercial real estate pricing rose for the seventh straight month since last spring as investment-grade sales made solid pricing gains in November 2011, and the level of distressed sale transactions continued to decline during the month. The composite index rose 0.6% in November from the previous month, with prices now an average 1.8% higher compared to the same period a year ago.

Courtesy of Lee Whistler, Realtor for Century 21 M&M Clovis

No More Fear and Loathing of CRE Lending for Banks

By Mark Heschmeyer

As economic headwinds subside, the commercial real estate lending business for U.S. banks has hit an inflection point. For the first time in five years, a majority of banks are finally talking about their ability to grow their loan portfolios. While the sentiment among banks is neither unanimous, nor the projected lending growth strong, bank executives in analyst earnings calls over the past couple of weeks were clearly signaling they believe they are on the other side of write downs.

Courtesy of Lee Whistler, Realtor for Century 21 M&M Clovis

Leasing a Commercial Property, Part I by Jim Blasingame

How to Lease Commercial Real Estate Space: Part I, by Jim Blasingame

Jim Blasingame, How to Lease Commercial Real EstateJul. 18 2011 – 12:31 pm | 10 views | 0 recommendations | 1 comment

This is the first of a two-part series on leasing commercial real estate for your small business.

In most markets, one of the sectors that a small business can get a good deal on these days is commercial office and retail space. Whether you need more room or a better location, now is probably a good time to think about finding and negotiating for those new business digs.

But just in case you’re a little rusty on where to start the process, let’s focus on the initial steps of commercial real estate leasing fundamentals that will help you find and compare leased space that works for you.

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Many Real Estate Agents operate as Independent Contractors

real estate agent century 21 M M commercialEight out of 10 real estate agents are independent contractors, not salaried or commissioned employees.

Which means that a real estate agent can be “fairly described” as a small businessperson, said Walt Molony, spokesman for the National Association of Realtors. Or, in the view of the IRS, a 1099 employee.

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